Project Outputs

Executive Summary

An overview of methods and results from Is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?

Publications, blogs, and related work produced during the course of the project.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Grabowski, Z. J., McPhearson, T., & Pickett, S.T.A. (2023). Transforming US urban green infrastructure planning to address equity. Landscape and Urban Planning, 229, 104591.

Solins, J. P., A. K. Phillips de Lucas, L. E. G. Brissette, J. Morgan Grove, S. T. A. Pickett, and M. L. Cadenasso. (2023). Regulatory requirements and voluntary interventions create contrasting distributions of green stormwater infrastructure in Baltimore, Maryland. Landscape and Urban Planning, 229: 104607. doi:10.1016/j.landurbplan.2022.104607.

Grabowski, Z. J., Wijsman, K., Tomateo, C., & McPhearson, T. (2022). How deep does justice go? Addressing ecological, indigenous, and infrastructural justice through nature-based solutions in New York City. Environmental Science & Policy, 138, 171–181.

Grabowski, Z. J., McPhearson, T., Matsler, A. M., Groffman, P., & Pickett, S. T. (2022). What is green infrastructure? A study of definitions in US city planning. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Open Access

Hoover, F. A., Meerow, S., Grabowski, Z. J., & McPhearson, T. (2021). Environmental justice implications of siting criteria in urban green infrastructure planning. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 23(5), 665-682. Open access.

Matsler, A.M., Grabowski, Z.J., Elder, A. (2021). The multi-faceted geographies of green infrastructure: fragments, networks, and inequalities. Introduction to Special Issue in Journal of Environmental Planning and Policy. Link to journal

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Blogs and other writings

Urban Parks as Critical Infrastructure: Equity and Access during Covid-19

Getting Parks out of GI Purgatory

Invest in America’s nature-based infrastructure

NATURA Early Career Working Group – Nature Based Solutions


Project Related Web Products

Storymap of the spatial distribution of GI in Baltimore created by project partners at the Cadenasso Lab, University of California, Davis.

Governing Green Experiential Toolkit: A toolkit that invites you to examine the social processes shaping environmental projects in cities. Modeled after the text-based role-playing games or RPGs of decades past, Governing Green immerses you in 3 true-to-life stories of green infrastructure projects. Developed by our collaborator Dr. Amanda Phillips de Lucas.


Public Presentations

Hudson River Watershed Alliance Breakfast Lecture

Anthropocene Alliance National Leaders Meeting

Walking the Talk: How to Build Equity into Green Infrastructure Planning

Building Equity into US Urban Green Infrastructure Planning (January 2022)